Let’s Dance!

I Dance


with people of all Ages,
with or without a Disease,
with or without Limitations.
there is always


every Body Dances !






for people with dementia


“Music and Dance
find their way
into the Hidden Places
of the Soul”

Dancing is healthy. It keeps you flexible and balanced.
When you Dance, you relax.
When you Dance you make contact with yourself, another person
and with the world around.
When you Dance, you free yourself of your limitations.
You enjoy the Music.
When you Dance a smile arises. A tear can drop.
When you Dance, you feel Life.


A very special place in my Dancework and in my Heart is reserved for the Dancers with Dementia.

“You pulled my Heart Open”
Music. The language of the Heart.
Movement. The language of the Body.
Music touches the Soul. It is one of the last things leaving the brain, it brings back memories and lifestories and it offers a beautiful opportunity to Communicate.
Movement delays the decline of the memory and it improves physical condition and a feeling of well being.

Dance combines Music and Movement and is a Powerful, Nonverbal way of Contact when words are (more) difficult to find. And, as with Music, Dance resides in the memory of the Body.

my Method

When I Dance with people with dementia, I start by making contact through a touch, a movement, a song.
The Dance arises from this contact. Sometimes the contact between the Dancer and me is only for a moment. Most of the time it lasts longer.
And almost always, in time, it expands. And more movement, more Dance arises.

A Dance can be small, just Hands Dancing together. Or Feet. Or Fingers.
It can also be large and we Rock and Roll, we Waltz, we do a Pas de Deux.

When i Dance with people with dementia, I use techniques from Dancetherapy. Above all I use my Dance experience, my intuition and sensitivity and the power of music.

my Offer

Dance can be a one time activity or we can Dance on a regular base.
I have a lot of experience in Dancing weekly with the same group of Dancers, but also in organising a Dance Party for a special occasion.

Below you’ll find my ContactDetails.
Please Contact me for a Dance appointment, Questions, more Information or any Idea for Dancing!



the Argentine Tango
& Parkinson’s Disease

“Tango is a Walking Embrace”

The Argentine Tango is a Dance between two people.
Listening to each other, you create the Dance.

Fundamentally the Argentine Tango it is about Walking.
Walking together.
And while Walking it is important to keep your Balance.
So, when you Dance the Argentine Tango,
Walking and Balancing are practised in a natural way!
The rhythm of the Music and the physical contact
~the Tango Embrace~
with your partner will support you in that.

I am trained to Dance with people with Parkinson’s Disease.
While dancing with the Dancers with Parkinson,
I noticed the Argentine Tango works really good to get Moving.

Are you interested in Classes?
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Dancing with People with Dementia

“Your Body is the ground metaphor of your life,
the expression of your existence.
It is your Bible, your encyclopedia, your life story.
Everything that happens to you is stored and reflected in your Body. Your Body knows. Your Body tells.”
~ Gabrielle Roth

With this Training I will share my knowledge about and my experience in Dancing with People with Dementia.

Dancing makes it possible to Contact that what has been made invisible by the disease.
Dance reaches beyond the disease and creates a Communication without words between people. And Beautiful things happen!

This training offers the instruments you need to Dance with people with dementia.
You will learn where to pay attention and what to do to make the inhabitants of your Care Home or your Loved one Dance.
You will know how to make Contact without words and how to make the Dance of the person with dementia visible and expressed.

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