join them Dance

join them Dance
juni 15, 2020 ingeborg


“There is only the Dance
so are you Dancing now?

Do you know what the Dancer knows?

Here is what this Dancer knows
now that the still point of this turning (Dancing) World
has come and gone

There is only the Dance
and so we need only to Dance
forget your wounds
your grief
your longings
your anger
your envy
your pride
Forget them
there is only the Dance

Step out of your head and into the Dance
Dance with the Sea
with a Tree
Dance with the Wind
and the Rain
Dance yourself into the World
Dance yourself into Belonging
because Belonging begins at the moment
when you give yourself over to the Dance

Belonging isn’t a place or an idea
it’s not a person or a tribe
Belonging isn’t a rulebook
or a set of skills to acquire

Belonging begins when we offer ourselves as Partner
in the long, slow Circle Dance of the World
Belonging is our Dance with Fox and Deer
with Badger and Hare
our Dance with Crane and Crow

Step out of your head and into the World
and offer yourself up to the Dance

Belonging begins
when you take the outstretched hands
of the Old Woman
of the Death Mother
of Old Bone Mother

Do you see those old ones Dance?
their Dance is the Dance of Life and Death
these fine old Ladies of the Dance

there is only the Dance
so take their hands
and join them Dance
Stumble if you will
Fall if you must
but whatever it takes
just Dance

See the Sun rising?
there’s a Fire burning
behind the Mountains in the East

go Dance yourself into the Light”


by Sharon Blackie




Art~ UnKnown


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