the Vanishing Point

the Vanishing Point
september 18, 2023 ingeborg



I stand still

and watch a person

walk away from me.

She grows smaller and smaller

until she reaches

the Vanishing Point.



She has not vanished

from the planet

or from herself.

She has vanished

only from my view.



If I move toward her

she reaches her vanishing point

more slowly.

If I move away from her

she reaches it sooner.



The vanishing

at the vanishing point


is an illusion.

The person with dementia exists

beyond my capacity

to keep her in my line of sight.

She remains a person,

despite my limited powers of vision.



For most of us

our vanishing will occur slowly

and may mercifull give us time

to gather willing assistents

who know the illusoriness

of disappearance.






On Vanishing. Mortality, Dementia and what it means to Disappear
by Lynn Casteel Harper

Annie Leibovitz

@Komt U Dansen?
Dansen met mensen met dementie.