Life and Death

Life and Death
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I Dance.


Dance is my Life and,
I am so lucky, it is also my Job.
The main part of my work
is Dancing with people
who arrived in the Last Stage of their Lives.


Most of my Dancers live in a care home.
Most of them are diagnosed with dementia.
Through Dance and Music
another form of Contact arises.
we Sing
we Move
we give Space
to the Life within
to Joy
to Sadness
we Touch
we Kiss
we Hug.


and Then
I arrive at the care home
one week later
two weeks later
and I am told a Dancer died.
Or two of them.
Sometimes three.


and Sure
I am writing about Vulnerable people
Old people
Very Old people.
you know
We are All going to Die.


what I sense now
in these Bizar Times
is the feeling we can Control that.
We can control Life
and we can control Death.


and Please!
Do not get me wrong.
I do agree we need to act Responsible
be on our Own when feeling sick
act in a Caring way
for the Well Being of others
protect the ones who are Vulnerable.
and Please!
Do not get me wrong.
My Heart is with the people
facing Hurt and Loss by the Corona Virus.


so Yes
I Danced (til recently) with Vulnerable people
every Day
Some Times 7 days a week.
when I had a cold
or was feeling ill
I did not go on the Dance Date
to protect my Dancers
from getting sick also.
I also knew
I could not protect them from Dying.


and Now
I am not allowed to Dance anymore.
Apart from a Personal Loss
the Loss
is much Bigger.


My Dancers are Isolated.
Luckily there are people taking Care of them.
And hopefully and surely Touching them,
Singing with them,
Helping them to contact their families
by screen,
and I know some of them are Dancing
to the Music I sent.


But shouldn’t we All be doing that?
Embrace the vulnerable ones?
Hug them?
Touch them?
Sing their Song with them?


The World as they knew it
is already Falling Apart by their disease.
The way they used to Communicate
with their loved ones
does not work anymore.
In this stage of their Lives
they need
Eye Contact
a Touch
a Song filled with sweet Memories.
but their Loved Ones
are not allowed anymore
to Be with them.


In our Quest to Control
and to Battle our Fear
we lose the sight
of Connection
of the Soul.


I always Feel
as Heart Breaking as the process
of aging and dementia can be
my Dancers are also my Teachers.
They bring me Back to what is Important.
to the Touch
to the Laughter
even if there is Sadness
to the Song
to the Dance of Life.
and They taught me
you can Dance
also when you think
you are too Old or too Sick.


this Story
of a very Vulnerable group
is to Share with you my Concerns
trying to Control
Life and Death
can not be Controlled.


We give away our Freedom
We Lock ourselves up
and follow the Rules
of people
who til now
we could not Trust
in having our Best interest.


Why are the Hospitals full?
Because resources were spent Elsewhere.
Why are the Basic Caretakers of my Dancers underpaid and overworked?
Because resources were spent Elsewhere
and because they have to be Busy
with digital papers and administrative acts.
and Surely
it was Not thanks to the managers of this world
my DanceWork was growing.


and Now
we are put in Isolation by people ruling the World
and we let them Control us.


I do think we should Act Responsible
especially for the most Vulnerable among us.
But I also feel
Death is part of Life
and No government
can Protect us from that.


We cannot control Death.
We do have some control and influence
on What we do
with our Precious Life.


I hope You Keep Dancing!
No Matter What~



Art ~ B. Fatholahi

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