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according to Google

1. not cooked
2. in its natural state, unprocessed
4. red and painful
5. very sensitive
6. strong and undisguised
7. frank and realistic
9. cold and damp
10. lacking experience or skill
11. not having a hem or selvedge








Maybe you watched Luc&Me Dance
and Maybe you Liked it


~the Flow
the Connection
the Rawness~


we Invite you to Dance with Us!


Sunday October 20

Workshop RAWTango

DJ Dimitri


the Workshop
No need to Register, just Join Us!
Bringing a DancePartner is nice, but you can also come Alone.


the Location
the Office
Alexanderveld 84-97
2585 DB Den Haag
Go to the 5th Floor! with elevator or stairs


the Entrance
5 euros



 Workshop RAW 


Get into your Body~~
Make Connection to the Music~~
Embrace your Dance Partner~~
and Dance!

In traditional Tango you Learn the Beautiful TangoWalk, the Posture, the Embrace and the Steps. And with that you Dance to the Music.

In RAWTango you interprete the Music with your Body, the Dance arises and then you add the Tango(Feeling)

In this Workshop you will get more Insights in what we do when Dancing RAWTango.

&After the Workshop you can Dance!:


RAW Salon


An Invitation to Dance!
And to follow the Music, your Body and the Embrace.

Experiment, Investigate, Connect, Discover, Play
Based in the Tango Dance

One rule during the RAWMilonga:
Respect for each other and each others Dance.
Points 4, 8 and 9 of the Google Translation above we explicitly put them aside.

DJ Dimitri will take care of the Music and play about 30% Trad. and 70% Neo.&Non.

You are very Welcome to Dance!




about RAW 



“Music is the Guidance I Follow ~

As an autodidact TangoDancer, not a single TangoLesson in my life , I watched for years how people did their learned steps on different DanceFloors, wondering how I would interpret the TangoMusic in general. For me it was impossible to Dance on most of the traditional TangoMusic because of it generally spoken boring tunes.

The idea to Dance Tango was not my gig until I decided and got invited to figure out how I would move on Music which I like and combine it with the Tango Atmosphere.

The Music is essential for me in order to Move, and I don’t have to forget about rules which I learned, because I didn’t learn any.
A bit of an advantage maybe to Improvise on what I hear and translate that into Movement.

When you translate Music & Sound into Movement, the symbiotic ~if you take your time to emphasise~ creates a borderless platform for your Improvising Capacity.
And as you will engage with a DancePartner, its your responsibility to judge the Follow as possible. It doesn’t make sense to create weirdo Moves which your partner doesn’t understand. The Beauty will get lost as well as the Connection.

Essentially within the line of translating Music there are no limits, no rules, just Space to Fill In.

So this Workshop is not a Traditional workshop where you learn different Moves or Steps.
It will be an Area where you can practice a New Style of Leading and Following, away from conditional steps, guided a bit by Us.”


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