Reminder for Women

Reminder for Women
november 24, 2017 ingeborg

“She lives her life like a Wildflower

Growing in the Rocks or in the Sand


She takes her time like a Wildflower

You can cut her down but She will grow back again


And since She went away

I’ve been pining for her every day

If you could see her Smile

you would understand exactly what I’m talking about


She lives her life like a Wildflower

I can hardly wait until I see her Face again


She don’t like walls, she needs wide Spaces

Earth, Sea and Sky is the only Home she demands

A big Leaf Tree is her umbrella

River by the Ocean is where she takes her bath


Don’t want to let her go

Because I love her I won’t ask her to stay

You know She promised me

She’d be coming round to see me one of these ole days


She needs the Clouds and the Sea

She needs the Rain and the Sand

You take one look at that Woman

I know that you’ll understand


She’s a natural beauty

You can’t pin her down

She got a trick up her sleeve

She’s got to move around

She’ll be out walking for days

She’ll take you by your hand

She’s a Mystical Miracle

And I can hardly wait until I see her Face again”

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